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Department of Mines and Geology, Rajasthan

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The Department of Mines and Geology (DMG) of Rajasthan state, with headquarters at Udaipur, has a reputation for being among the best organized DMGs in the country. It comprises a core team of 79 Geo-scientists, 61 Mining Engineers, 7 Scientists in the Chemical Laboratory and 7 engineers in the Drilling Wing. This extensive technical prowess is combined with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques for mineral exploration. They include Remote Sensing and Geophysical surveys while also providing Chemical, Ceramic and Ore Dressing laboratories.

The latest venture of the Department is the Vision 2020 -Strategy for Sustainable Mineral Development’. It is a lucid projection of the directions and priorities of the department in the first twenty years of this century.

Functions of Department of Mines and Geology, Rajasthan

  • Search, prospecting and systematic development of mineral deposits.
  • Mineral administration including grant of leases, collection of revenue, dead rent, ensure systematic and environment friendly mining etc.

List of Mineral Based Industries in Rajasthan

S.No. Industry Numbers
1. Cement Plants (Major) 16
2. Cement Plants (Mini) 9
3. Cement Plants (Tiny) 130
4. Copper Smelter 1
5. Fertilizer (Single super phosphate/urea) 8
6. Glazed Tiles and Ceramic 3
7. Granite Cutting & Polishing units About 300 (Including 8 Gang Saw Plants)
8. Insulator (L.T. & H.T.) 1
9. Lead Zinc Beneficiation Plants 3
10. Marble Cutting & Polishing units 1100 Gang Saw 50 Tiling Plants
11. Sanitary Ware 1
12. Sulphuric Acid 3
13. Super Zinc Smelter 1
14. Zinc Smelter 1
15 Quartz and Felspar Grinding and Pulvarizing Units 300

Contact Details

Director : Bhawani Singh Detha, IAS
Directorate, Department of Mines & Geology,
Shastri Circle, Udaipur (Raj) – 313001
E-Mail: adg@dmg-raj.org
Official Website: http://www.dmg-raj.org/

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