Rajasthan Agriculture Department

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Rajasthan has 342 thousand sq. Km area of total land area of India, which makes it the largest state of India. After the integration of all the different princely estates of Rajasthan, Rajasthan Agriculture Deapartment was established in 1949. In 1952 its expansion separated many departments such as Animal Husbandary Deapartment. By the 1955, a complete structure of Rajasthan Agriculture Department was established. With regards to Agriculture structure, the State is divided in 10 Agro Climate Zone, 33 Districts and 68 clusters (Sub Districts).

Objectives and Functions of DOA Rajasthan

  • To achieve self-sufficiency in food production.
  • To increase Agricultural production and income of farmers / farm labours.
  • To promote sustainable use of Natural Resources such as Land and Water.
  • To promote Soil Health Management and Integrated Nutrient Management.
  • Promote Crop Diversification.
  • Promote use of agricultural inputs based on recommendation of soil and water testing.
  • To ensure availability and quality of agricultural inputs.
  • Promote Organic Farming.
  • To promote Integrated Pest – Disease Management system.
  • To transfer modern agriculture technique developed by technical institutes and scientists.
  • To promote agricultural mechanization to carryout agriculture operation timely.
  • To promote mixed-intensive farming for increased employment opportunities and income per unit area.
  • To develop scientific farming techniques for making agriculture more remunerative for farmers.
  • To increase the production of certain agricultural commodities, so that raw material for industries is available for increased exports.
  • To reduces cost of cultivation and strive for holistic development of farmer.
  • Crop insurance to protect farmer against natural disasters and monsoon failure.
  • To initiate programme that help to increase per capita incomes of farmer in back ward areas as well as for SC/ST.
  • To promote women empowerment in agriculture.
  • Organize training on various aspects of agro techniques for their mass dissemination.
  • Quick and effective solutions of day to day problems of farmers.

DOA Rajasthan Important Links

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Contact :
Department of Agriculture (DOA)
Pant Krishi Bhawan, Janpath,
C-Scheme,Jaipur – 302 005(Rajasthan)
Phone No : 0141-2227089, 0141-2227365
Email Id : dir_agr@rediffmail.com
Website : http://agriculture.rajasthan.gov.in

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