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Hospitals in Jaisalmer District

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Jaisalmer District Hospitals

  • Bastion Bachpan Clinic
  • New Rajasthan Hospital By Kamal Panwar
  • S J Hospital
  • Maheswari Hospital
  • Mahesawri Hospital Recras Center
  • Lanela Village Govt Health Clinic
  • Govt Hospital, Baiya, Sam, Jaisalmer
  • Govt Hospital, Kanasar, Sheo, Barmer
  • Govt Hospital, Gomat, Sankra, Jaisalmer

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Anu Awasthi Says

I’m trying to locate a young Doctor at the Govt Hospital, Baiya, Sam, Jaisalmer who worked there in November 2017. His initials CP or DP. Amazing doctor , would like to thank him. Any help in finding him is much appreciated. Thank you