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Kajli Teej

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Kajli Teej, also spelled as ‘Kajari Teej’ is celebrated with full joy and livelihood at Bundi.

Different from the Teej Festival in other parts of Rajasthan, the Kajli Teej festival starts from the third day of Bhadra Hindu month and mainly celebrated for 2 days but celebrations and joy continues till Janmashtami.

Goddess Uma is worshipped on Kajli Teej and on this occasion women wear colorful traditional dresses with Mehendi and bangles.

As Teej is dedicated to the monsoon and the union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, young girls dress in colorful traditional attire sings songs and swings from the trees.

Married women pray for their happy married life.

Kajli Teej begins with a huge and long procession of the Goddess. A popular local fair also held in the Kumbha stadium which is the best place to see and shop arts and handicrafts.

Artisans from far rural areas join the fair to sell their handicrafts. First, two days of the fair is dedicated to the folk instrument “Algoza” recital competition.

Kajali Teej Fair Dates in 2020: 07 August 2020

Kajli Teej2

Kajli Teej2

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