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Matasya Festival

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The Matasya Festival is one of the important festivals in Rajasthan mainly in the city of Alwar and it is celebrated with great joy.

This festival is a tradition of Rajasthan and depicts the affluence of cultural and traditional values and believes of the state.

This Matasya festival is known for its social and cultural heritage, funfairs and colorful customs.

To experience the real values of the festival varieties of exhibitions, competitions, sports, folk music, songs and dances are performed during the festival.

The festival is celebrated for two days with the utmost fun and enthusiasm. People from all over the Rajasthan as well as outside come to attend this unique festival in Alwar.

The Matsya festival is believed as a festival to show respect to the forefathers and their culture.

Matasya Festival Date in 2019: 25 – 26 November 2019

Matsya Festival

Matsya Festival

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