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Muharram Festival

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Rajasthan has many festivals to celebrate and the same zeal and enthusiasm are shown by different religions in celebrating each festival.

Festivals are one of the important reasons, not only in Rajasthan but also in whole India, that propagate harmony and peace between people of different religions.

Muharram is a very important and major festival of Rajasthan and India. Rajasthan’s Muslim community celebrates Muharram with great efforts and happiness.

Whole Rajasthan looks very different during the Muharram festival.

History Behind Muharram Festival

Muharram is one of the major festivals of Muslims. Shia section of the Muslim community is the main section which takes part in this festival.

Muslim community celebrated Muharram to pay respect to the grandson of Prophet Mohammad, Hazrat Imam Hussain.

Muharram is celebrated in remembrance of the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain.

According to the Muslim, Muharram is also the first month of the Islamic New Year out of four sacred months mentioned in the ‘Quran’ by god. Shia section of the Muslim community mourns from the first night of Muharram.

Muharram continues for two months and eight days. But last days are the most important ones since these were the days when Yazid I attacked Hussain, his family, and his followers.

It is famously is known as Battle of Karbala. Hussain fought bravely but Yazid forces were more in strength. Ultimately, Hussain got killed and his brave fight is still remembered in the form of a celebration called Muharram.

Muharram In Rajasthan

In Rajasthan, there is numerous procession on the tenth day of Muharram which is known as ‘Ashurah’. This procession comes out from many parts of Rajasthan with many devotees.

The processions are accompanied by banners, models, and replicas of Hussain and his tomb. The specialty of these replicas is their decoration which is done with mica and gold.

Some people in the procession extort their own bodies to reflect grief. Inflicting of own body with metal chains is also a part of the festival. During the processons, people also enchanted ‘Ya Hussain’.

A white horse is also a part of this procession which signifies the Dul Dul, Hussain’s empty horse after the battle.

During the Muharram festival in Rajasthan, there are numerous juice stalls get opens by the Shia community that distributes free juices to everyone. This happens for the first ten days of Muharram.

The date and time for the Muharram are not fixed and it changes year to year.

Muharram Festival will be from 21 August in 2020.

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