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Khetlaji Fair

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Khetlaji Fair is held after Khetlaji who was a folk deity of India who is primarily acclaimed in Rajasthan. The Khetlaji Fair is held in village Sonana of the district Pali district of Rajasthan.

The temple is the place where this two day fair is held every year in honor of Khetlaji.

The fair attracts a mass number of devotees who assemble here during the fair to raise the blessing of the idol. There are many shrines of Khetlaji in Rajasthan in Marwar like Sewari, Sayala, etc.

The Kataria community of Rajasthan consider him as their Kul Devta. They also visit the fair and perform some ceremonies after marriage and birth in the family.

The fair is a grand occasion for the local people from the local area, who pour in, dressed in their best, right from daybreak. It is also a gala occasion for shopping.

Body tattooing shops are also the hot spots of activity and troupes of Gair dancers add color to the festive spirits. However, the hundreds of horses at the fair steal the show.

Thoroughbred and well-trained ‘Marwari’ horses perform many a trick and even dance to the rhythms of local drums, much to the amazement of the viewers.

Khetlaji Fair Dates in 2020: March

Khetlaji Fair

Khetlaji Fair

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