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Jambheshwar Fair

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Jambheshwar Fair is one of the significant fairs of Rajasthan and of Bishnoi samaj. This fair is held twice a year. First on Phalgun Budi Amavasya and then second on Ashvin Budi Amavasya.

Jambheshwar fair is held in the Mukam village of Nokha tehsil of Bikaner district. Jambheshwar Ji was the founder of Bishnoi samaj.

All of the Jambheshwar Ji teachings are combined in 120 sayings. These sayings will propagate each of the chief natural virtues of self-control, truth, and non-violence.

Bishnoi samaj was developed from its 29 articles taught by Jambeshwar Ji on religion where ‘Bees’ (twenty) and ‘Nau’ (nine) makes Bishnoi word. Bishnoi samaj people considered that Jambheshwar Ji was an incarnation of Vishnu.

There are two temples of Jambheshwar Ji which are located near the Nokha town. One of the temple is in the Mukam village (muka literally means abode) and the other temple is located on the sand dune of Samarthal.

The ‘samadhi’ of Jambheswar Ji is located in Mukam village where a huge portrait of Jambheshwar Ji in the central hall looks attractive. Visitors used to offer grains in the temple which is used to feed the pigeons, peacocks, and birds.

Every year a huge Jambheshwar fair is held in February-March on the day of ‘Phagun Budi Amavasya’. People from different states like Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh come to join the fair.

A much smaller fair in comparison to first is attended by people coming in from neighboring villages on camels, bullock carts and even on foot. Shops in the fair comprise mostly of sellers from Nokha, Himmatsar, and Bikaner.

During the Jambheshwar fair, the visitors first go to the temple at Mukam and then the sand dune at Samarthal (where Jambhaji used to preach).

Devotees pay their homage by doing a customary to take some sand from the tank called Talai at Mukam and deposit it at the foot of the dune at Samarth.

Mukam village is located at 15 kms away from Nokha.  The nearest bus stand is Mujam bus stand and there are regular buses are from Bikaner to Jaipur, Bikaner to Salasar and Nokha to Sujangarh.

Nokha is 60 kms from Bikaner on the Bikaner-Jodhpur road. The nearest railway station is the Nokha railway station.

Jambheshwar Fair in 2019 was on 06 March 2019,

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