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Dussehra Festival

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Dussehra is one of the major festival of India which like other festivals celebrated with great joy and happiness.

Dussehra festival is celebrated to mark the victory of Lord Ram over demon Ravan, good over the evil.

Dussehra means the tenth day and it is the 10th day of the bright half of Ashwin when Dussehra is celebrated in whole India.

Dussehra also is known as Vijaydashmi which marks the day to worship the weapons. According to the epic ‘Mahabharata’, Arjun who was one of the Pandav hide his weapons in a Shami tree during their exile period.

After the end of the exile period, he retrieved all his weapons and worshipped them along with the Sahmi tree. So from that day, Vijaydashmi is celebrated by worshipping weapons.

Dussehra Celebration In Rajasthan

On the occasion of Dussehra festival, peoples take out the processions of decorated tableaux which depicts different characters of Ramayan.

People are believed that one should take the values of life from Lord Ram and other Ramayan Characters like Sita, Laxman, and Bharat. For this purpose to fulfill, every year before Dussehra, ‘Ramlila’ which is a play on epic ‘Ramayana’ is shown to the public where performances are based on the life of Ram held.

Ramlila ends with the demolition of Ravan on Vijaydashmi.

On Dussehra night, huge colossal effigies of Ravana, his brother Kumbhkarna and son Meghnad are erected in the open ground where actors dressed as Ram, Sita, and Lakshman arrive and shoot arrows of fire at these effigies, which are stuffed with firecrackers.

With the explosion of crackers, effigies burnt out and spectators shout of triumph. And after 20 days of Dussehra, Diwali Festival is celebrated.

Kota Dussehra

Kota Dussehra is very much famous in Rajasthan. Many local people and tourists come to see the huge effigies of Ravana, Kumbhkaran, and Meghnad.

Kota always has one of the maximum height effigies every year.

Dussehra will be celebrated on 25 October 2020.

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